Apples varieties.

Delicious varieties apples.

Variety of apples - White filling

Sweet apples

Summer grade. Fruiting periodically. With proper pruning and harvest frequency normalization fruiting weakened. Fruits are medium-sized, round-conical shaped, greenish-white.

Have good taste, are not affected by fungal diseases. Maturity time - the second half of July.

Variety of apples - Melba

Juicy Apple

Fruits are medium (120-140 g), round, rounded, flat, greenish-yellow, in most of the orange-red with small strokes. Flesh tender, juicy, great wine - sweet taste. Detachable maturity - in late July-early August, the consumer, within 10 days shelf life - up to one month. Trees above average size, moderately branching crown high round in the early years of fruiting fruit formation of a mixed type: kolchatki, twigs, kopetsa, with increasing age of the tree begin to dominate kolchatki.

The first yields on slaboroslyh rootstock to get to the third, on seedlings and Dusen - for the fourth or fifth year. Fruiting in the early years of regular and periodic with the age of the tree. Yields up to 150 kg per tree. Early flowering period. Color kidney resistant to spring frosts. Variety is relatively resistant to pests and diseases, but in wet years scab infestation. Pollinators: Stark erlist, Bellefleur-Kitaika.

Variety of apples - Stark Erlist

Beautiful apples

Summertime variety. USA. Fruits are medium-sized (80-110 g), round, orange-red, with a few stripes. Flesh coarse, medium juicy, mediocre or good taste.

Removable and consumer maturity - at the end of the first decade of July. Kept up to 15 days.

Trees sredneroslye, with rounded-oblong crown, the early period of flowering, fruiting and fruit on twigs. Regardless of the type of rootstock start fruiting in the third or fourth year after planting.

Harvest regularly, up to 140 kg per tree. Color kidney weakly resistant to spring frosts. Sort of apples relatively resistant to scab and powdery mildew. Pollinators: Saffron years, Melba.

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