Apples of Idared.

Apple Idared

Variety of apples - Idared

яблоко Айдаред

Sort of apples with American selection "Idared"(crossing varieties Jonathan and Wagner). Ripening apples winter, late grows mainly in Russia , the lion's part of the fruit is grown in the Krasnodar territory.

The trees in this class vigorous with rare without thickening ball crown. Stronger and larger branches are located from the trunk up at a 45 degree angle, a little stretching to the sun. The bark of Apple brown-gray,Gladenkaya. Fruits are formed on equal distance from each other, without bare spaces and zones.

When collecting apples "Idared" there is a bunch feature,the fruits are 2-3 pieces together, which is convenient and well when taking fruit. And in the fruit-bearing years and on the branches of the Apple trees are formed large garlands of fruit apples.

Fruit shoots of Apple normal thickness,the correct length and form. Leaves are elongated, pointed, dark green.

Apples large, round, glossy surface, net. Large fruit apples slightly tapered. Wax coating on the thin and smooth skin of the Apple. There are increased subcutaneous points match with bright bands around the perimeter of the fetus.

The main color of the Apple green-light with a strongly expressed on the surface of the fruit flush red color, making it more beautiful and giving a delicious looking.

Internal juicy,fiber-crispy pulp, white, sweet-sour . Taste acceptable, good. The faint smell of fragrance. When long apples lie begin to be soft. Sweet 10.5% sugar

Ripening apples until the completion of September, only then apples "Idared" reach their peak of ripeness. Long term storage of fruits up to 6 months, it is very good.

Fruit formation and apples impervious to shattering and stick to the stalk to collect them. Transportation acceptable fruits do not spoil. The markets sold well,presentation good.

Regular harvests come on 5-6 year. Constant growth of the fruit weight is increasing each year. Affects scab, powdery mildew.

Sort of apples "Idared" have the ancestor of many varieties of apples: the Kuban Cossack, Vertical.

Variety of apples- Alyonushka

яблоко Алёнушка

Sort of Apple tree "Alyonushka" summer time maturation created with direct crossing of " Papirovka " and Ranetki Лалетино. Received widespread Siberian gardeners for the excellent quality of apples,high урожайную force,Hardiness.

Apple tree varieties "Alyonushka" is a semi dwarf, the rapidly growing. When joining the fruiting phase growth of the quality of wood reduced by switching on fruit activity. View the tree with dangling branches. The colour of the bark of Apple brown.

The thickness of the branches normal, straight, rounded in diameter,well-kept harvest,flexible. Leaves ordinary oval, green.

Apples "Alyonushka" small,rounded,slightly costate. Color of fruit when collecting yellow, with striped red blush to much of the fruit.

Covered with smooth skin of the fruit looks glossy, with small share of Apple plaque. Pulp Apple white, dense, taste Sadko-sour Apple aroma strong and steady.

Cleaning apples "Alyonushka" gets on August time (15-20 number). Stored fruits long within one to two months. During prolonged storage of apples become loose and rot. Well sold .

For pollination of suitable varieties of apples: Youth, Lada, Zarnitsa, Mana, Flashlight. After 3-4 g after planting a tree, a young seedling, gardeners see the first fruits of Apple "Alyonushka".

Bears fruit regularly, without interruptions, high yielding properties. Winter-hardy variety of apples. Saturation of vitamins, is not resistant to scab, poorly stored.

Variety of apples - August far East.

Августовское дальневосточное

Variety of early middle derived from varieties of pollen Royal thorn and Ranetki purple. Turned out pretty good grade with large apples successfully distributed in the Northern regions of Russia.

Apple tree different force of growth, with cone-shaped crown. Large branches brown-gray.

Shoots long, the small diameter bit of a bend. The large leaves of green-light color. Kidney fruit are located on the small twigs, 2-3 annual shoots.

Apples normal weight (70-80g, the major types of 100-120,) Fruits are flat, round. Color light-green, yellow, covered with red tan. Peduncle small, thick, the size of an Apple fossa. The taste of the Apple August juicy,sour-sweet With normal ripening apples become a bit transparent. Fruits are apples, there are a lot of sugar 10.4%.

The Mature fruit of the Apple tree in the middle of August. Fruits lie 20 days, then deteriorate. Stores up to 2 months.

variety "Augustow far East" for big crops need pollinators: Loading of the Amur, the Amur yields.

The fruits will see in the 3-4 year, permanent fruiting is 6 years old. Yield stable without pauses. Terms of service tree, his prolific life somewhere (15-20 years). Winter hardiness normal ,there's immunity to scab.

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