The crown of the tree.

Pruning the trees.

Pruning seedlings.

a small tree

Each type of tree crown has its own characteristics. But for most of them there are some general rules of formation. For example trunk at a height of 60-80 cm. for apples and pears on a strong-rootstock, 40-50 cm - on slaboroslyh; 25-30 cm - for sectional crowns slaboroslyh forms of fruit trees, 50-60 cm - for plums, cherries.

At first formative pruning unbranched shorten their annual seedlings of 10-15 cm (5-8 buds) over the selected stem for branching in this zone. The kidneys must be well developed. If there are none, it is possible to see 3-7 deviate from the specified height of cut.

Non-standard low annual trees (below the height of the trunk)cut badly, leaving the higher place of vaccination snag with one or two matured and developed by the kidneys.

At the further formation of the crown is always remove competing branches or focus on them when a suitable location or in cases of weak growth of shoots continue.


Formation of young trees.

For building and forming kroons with the creation of longline location of major skeletal branches seek, what would they lasting accretion branches with the Central conductor, the trunk were located and were located farther apart and had the same development.

The main, Central conductor on the tree,should take over the skeletal branches, the dominant position and the branches of the lowest tier - towering over the branches of a higher tier of branching.

During the shortening of branches annual growth escape continue Central, and also the branches of the first and second tiers of the tree,take into account the location of the last (end) kidney which is below the cut-away places on the branch. Direction of the top of the kidneys form a vertical arrangement Central escape, leaving a kidney from the other side of the slope.

For building and planning of young trees, always try to get rid of branches growing vertically towards the main stream,this crop saves tree from and shade,and will not affect the development of the basic skeletal,powerful branches of the tree. Only 3-6 annual fruit trees ,can be the small number of such branches of their Foundation of the fruit-bearing producers of fruits.

How to trim and shape the crown of the tree.

Type 1 - the tree is an unbranched. Guide in the sprawling crones cut at a height of 80 cm,narrow crowns at a height of 60 cm.

Type 2 - branching in the form of . weak, conductor cut to a height of 60-80 see

Type 3 - The tree with the single weak shoots laid down very . cut to a height of 60-80 see

Type 4 - Tree with shoots, positioned low over the ground. Cut off as the type 3.

the types of pruning the tree

Type 5 - Tree well . cut out from the earth for 40 see 3-5 shoots above subject on the tab of the crown, with a distance of 20 cm. each . cut to 50 cm above the upper branch of the crown.

Type 6 - the tree is very much . Cut the shoots in the trunk up to 40 . 3 the escape of the two tiers of the distance between the tiers 50 see.

Type 7 - tree with wide branches, strong conductor obtained when pruning annual okulyantov . Four escape leave for the formation of the crown and cut them up to 40 cm, and the conductor - a distance of 60cm. from the upper branch of the crown. Shoots competitors circumcised.

Types of fruit-trees crowns.

trimming the tree

Type 8 - tree with the sharp angles of divergence of shoots. It is similar to the type 7, but here, we leave only three branches, and tie them in a horizontal position to the ground.

Type 9 10 - tree obtained by grafting on rootstock. If possible,shoots,which grew at an acute angle, and in a horizontal position to the ground. shoots up to 50 cm, and the stem chief - at a distance of 60cm. from the upper branch of the crown. If shoots you cannot bend , cut them, and the conductor cut at a distance of 30cm. from the place of the establishment of the skeletal branches.

Type 11 - grafted tree an unbranched . The main stem cutting at a distance of 30cm. from the place of the shoot apex. Continue as in the type, # 9 and # 10.

Type 12 - grafted tree. Shoots weak, but with a blunt angle of a discharge. The main stem cutting at a distance of 30-40 cm from the shoots.

Type 13 -grafted is single-path tree. The main trunk of the tree cutting at a distance of 30 cm In may through installation of footings and stretch marks are laid branches with wide angles of divergence.

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