Pruning fruit trees.

Pruning of trees.

Formation of fruit trees prerequisite to get not only a rich harvest and high-quality fruit.

Обрезка фруктовых деревьев

Originally allocated the largest branches that are most infilled with crown and cut them first. After that go to other parts of the crown. In this case, in the center of the crown is a large branch that загущает the rest,so it should be removed.

Take a hacksaw and produce cut, cut must be at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the main branch. After that we we clean cut place with a knife and glossed over the garden pitch.

What would branches of the crown were not thick and not stretched highly they should be cut off. Branches that appear inside the crown of dormant buds and infilled with remove . Fruit-bearing branches are rejuvenating, for this cut off.

How do pruning of trees?

Pruning is one link in the chain of the large variety aimed the garden measures for growing and serving solutions maintenance of trees and bushes, but this is one of the leading agricultural procedure and the main thing in the cultivation of fruit and fruit-trees and tree shrubs.

обрезка фруктовых деревьев

Even quality pruningmade in a neglected garden , can be harmful for the trees ,but to replace those activities circumcision branches and shoots of fruit trees, at this stage of development of horticulture impossible.

To obtain good yields fruit from the tree of possible without clipping one time only, and more precisely of the year and the correct quality care for the soil moisture and nutrients introduced into the soil layer, turning it into a fertile organic humus Nast, the layer. But after a certain period of time the crown of the tree overgrown, the inner part of the trees thins out.

In the future uncircumcised tree will turn into a big overgrown Bush with small fruits, to increase the mass of branches and will be the break of skeletal branches, so that not to happen each year doing pruning of trees, adjust the load on the branches of a fruit and considering the weight of the fruit. In one word without cropping not do.

What is the pruning?

Trimming the tree is a human intervention to limit the growth of functions and plant processes of trees or shrubs, for restrictions and deceleration of growth in wood pulp and increase the quality, quantity of berries and fruits by distributing and directions of plant threads in the appropriate guides and sprouts of plants, trees and shrubs.

Good after cutting harvest depends on the knowledge and understanding of this application, so let's studies pruning trees and shrubs.

When to start pruning of trees?

Обрезка фруктовых деревьев

Among the many gardeners misconception that during the onset of winter, the trees would inhibit their biologically active processes and proceed to the resting phase,vegetable sleep. This is certainly not so. Precipitation in the form of snow on not frozen soil, the roots of trees to actively operate and grow until January, and in the lower zones of soil root livelihoods lasts during the whole winter.

Pruning begins from the second half of February, you must choose to work circumcision trees relatively warm day, when the temperature is minus minimum 2 degrees C.

Обрезка фруктовых деревьев

When pruning trees it is necessary:
- delete and remove broken,dry and affected by pests and diseases branch;
- thick trees their crown carefully thin out and give access to sunlight and air pollination
- remove weak and skinny branches, to impose on others, particularly in the wrong place,and shoots (tops).
on the trunk and on the main branches.

A very important feature of the kidneys,or rather its spiral location along the length of the fruit-bearing shoots. When knowing the pruning of fruit trees us not be too hard to set the direction of a branch in the the right direction for a better development of the fruit. For this you need to make a cut to the kidneys in the right direction.

Large and medium-sized slices on fruit-trees are protective puttying.

Proper pruning of trees :

Includes inspection trunk. As care for the trunk? Everything is very simple with the help of metal brush or a scraper do the cleaning of the stem and stem the field of removing dead part the crust,in which pests of winter trees. All that fell off and обдерлось from the trunk ,all the garbage subject to burning. And the barrel and shaft base wood treated with lime mortar with the mandatory addition of lime iron sulphate.

Around the trunk at its base there are always shoots from the root of the tree, they are cut to the lowest level .

Whitewashing the trees in autumn.

белить деревья

Why blanch the trees?

In March-April it is necessary to whitewash again our trees,it is enough to take a mixture of garden whitewash, to dissolve in water and whitewash the trees .

Usually the time for the application and painting whitewashing of trees can be identified by so проталинам near the trees so that only spring comes proceed to whitewashing fruit trees.

You must determine the level painting trees, that all trees were whitewashed one level,it is desirable to take a little bit higher. Before whitewashing fruit trees desirable when necessary, remove the old bark,clean the wound, and all sorts of other flaws. And you will have a very nice trees.

That is the whitewash you must produce each year in the spring and you can fall. Spring is March-April, in the autumn of October-November. No need to wait until the snow melts completely,so that insects are still under the snow cover , so Belite as soon as the first patches at the base of the tree trunk.

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