Winter apples.


Variety of apples - Jonathan. USA

Red handsome

The fruits of average spherical-conical, red (110-140 g), are of excellent taste, are stored until April, are beautiful and juicy . Pulp gentle, fragrant, of excellent taste.

Detachable maturity comes from the second half of September,the consumption of 20 days, then taste qualities are transformed.

Trees medium,with highly rounded crown, good fruit. On weakly tall suspensions come into fruition on the fourth or fifth year,the seedlings, fifth and sixth year.

Fruiting regularly. Yield per tree medium in size up to 150 kg of Flowering average terms. Leaves damaged by mildew. pollinators: Banana winter, Renet Simirenko.

Variety of apples - Golden delicious

A delicious variety

Fruits depending on the load harvest medium (140-170 g). Oblong-conical-shaped,light-green when renting,prone Golden. The pulp is gentle, juicy, sweet sour taste good with inherent to this sort aroma.

Detachable maturity in the third decade of September-first of October, consumer-20 days. The trees average height, with rounded foliage, fruit and branches, short and small, which are formed on wood of all ages.

Fruitage on weakly tall suspensions in the third year, the seedlings on a fourth-and fifth year. Fruiting regular. Productivity of 300 kg of the tree. Flowering period. Color kidney resistant to late spring frosts.

Variety of apples - Renet Simirenko

Яблоки Симиренко

High-yielding, excellent grade, with usual care, and periodic fructification. The fruits of above average size (150 g), rounded-conical shape, green, sometimes with a little brown blush.

The pulp of pleasant taste, high taste qualities. In prone become straw-yellow, stored until February-March or longer. Detachable maturity at the end of September-beginning of October. Consumer-40 days.

Trees larger than the average size, with a dense and rounded crown and strong foliage, fruit well. The fruits apples grow on weakly tall suspensions come on the third-fourth year, the seedlings, on the fifth or sixth year.

When good cultivation fruiting-regular. The yield up to 300kg of the tree. The flowering of the late period. Color kidney resistant to frosts in spring. The fruit and leaves of weakly resistant to scab. Pollinators: Renet champagne, Jonathan, Kandil sinap.

Variety of apples - Starking

Large variety Starking

High-yielding, excellent grade. Fruits are very large, high load shrinking, but not below average. Intense red color, slightly conical shape with a ridge top. Differ sweet taste, pulp hardish and very juicy.

The distinctive features of the variety is, early fruiting, dwarfing growth, low growth capacity and short internodes with large foliage that ringed the fructification.

Harvest maturity of fruit at the end of September. Fruits stored until February-March. The variety is resistant to fungal diseases.

Variety is the founder of a number of high-quality early maturity fruit of Apple:Starcrimson, velpur, Richard delicious, starkspur amended delicious.

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